What is that film on my inside windows?

What is that film on the The inside of my windows? I seem to always have

a dirty film inside and I’ve tried everything to clean them, but the film just keeps coming back. What is the cause of this problem?

Well the answer is a simple one It’s the Plasticizer used in creating the plastic and vinyl parts found in many plastic products used today including the plastic parts found inside of your vehicle. When your dash gets hot from the sun it gives off a gas that deposits as a film on your windows. the hotter it is the worse the film can get and different cars have different types of plastic so some are worse than others.

So let’s  prevent the “film” from attaching to the glass in the first place. After cleaning with whatever window cleaner you like, we use Invisible Glass, then we use some D156 Xpress Wax  you could also use Rain‑X® Anti-Fog. Remember to use very little of these products, Don’t spray the whole window wet. Just 1 spray on a microfiber towel  and that should prevent anything from sticking to the glass therefore no more “Nasty Film”
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NOTE: You may also have a leaky heater core that can and will leave a greasy oily film upon the inside of the glass.