Why do my tires turn brown?

You may find yourself asking why do my tires turn brown? The answer


may surprise you but The brownish color on the sidewall of your tires is not a defect. The source of this discoloration can be varied. The most common cause is that the tires contain an anti-ozone agent called “Antiozonant” from the manufacturer in the rubber compounds to slow down the tire degradation due to exposure of ozone in the air. This anti-ozone ingredient will migrate to the surface of the tire and leave the appearance of a brownish look. This is completely normal and technically speaking is no cause for concern. In time, depending on usage, it will disappear.You can See the official documentation for the use of anti-ozone compounds can be found at Process of vulcanizing rubber


How can you prevent Tire Blooming?

Protection is ultimately the only way to prevent tire blooming, but if this does happen to you there is a way you can correct it. You can use a simple Tire and Wheel Cleaner that can remove the brown discoloration from the tires. Try to use a tire cleaner that’s strong enough to remove existing contaminants, but not so strong that it could damage the tire or wheel coating. After you’ve finished washing the tire, you can then apply a coat of Tire Dressing.