Why Headlight Restoration?

Headlight Restoration is Important For Your Safety.

Monstor Detailz Headlight Restoration service removes light to heavy oxidation, cloudiness and surface scratches to deliver a crystal clear finish to the headlights and or taillights. This service is ideal for mild to severely oxidized, cloudy, or yellowed headlights. This services process utilizes both hand and drill applications for sanding and machine polishing followed with a high quality sealant to protect the freshly restored lenses.

Some of the benefits to headlight restoration include:

Improve the appearance of your car: 
You may notice that your headlights have a yellowish, hazy, dull appearance. Because these headlights are typically made from polycarbonate plastic, they are susceptible to damage from pollution, sun exposure and moisture that can cause the plastic to dull over time. Fortunately, Monstor Detailz can remove the hazy and clouding appearance on the outside of the lens so that it looks brand new again.

Improve safety: 
While you’re driving at night, you want to be sure that you have the best view possible. Headlights are essential to ensure that we can see obstacles in the road. Oxidation and discoloration diminishes the headlights’ ability to project light, which can hinder your nighttime view and make driving more dangerous. Once your headlights are restored, you will notice more clarity and light while driving at night or in inclament weather conditions.

Headlight Restoration is more economical than replacement: 
It is estimated that about 85% of headlights can be restored and do not need to be replaced. Restoration will save you hundreds of dollars and is a very cost effective service.

 If your headlights are cloudy and hazy, don’t wait any longer. Call 918-519-0972 now and let Monstor Detailz restore your headlights for improved appearance and safety.